Mulberry Harbour


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  1. Christopher Roderick Bruce Wright Blackstock

    Bruce White is my godfather.My mother Brownie Wright was his driver during the period he was working on the harbour and also during its Construction on the West coast in Scotland. One of the platforms was nick-named Brownie after my mother as was the custom with the military drivers. My mother told me she saw the tank where Sir Bruce experimented with the scale model of the harbour and experimented with the waves. After the war Sir Bruce visited my mother in Kippen and I became his god child. I have a small rosewood table that Sir Bruce made himself which I cherish. I know that he helped my mother through the crisis of losing both her Brother and her fiance both shot Down in bombers and lost in action within the Space of two weeks. It shows the human side of the time with all that was going on. A remarkable man.

  2. Margaret Williams

    My grandfather, Herbert Chatley, was one of the engineers involved with the design of Mulberry B. I have a copy of the “cartoon” of the harbour and I understand that there were only 3 or 4 copies of this document made. I am currently researching my family history and would like to find out what Dr Chatley’s involvement was in this project. To date, nothing I have read has mentions his name. Any information you are able to provide would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Margaret Williams